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Choosing the Right Fit: A Guide to Buying Golf Shirts

Men and women alike enjoy taking a break and swinging the occasional club. Golf has always been considered as a de-stressing leisure sport, though at current times, it also acts as a business transaction front. It is because of this that more and more players are concerning themselves with their appearance during the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks in looking and eventually purchasing the best golf shirt:


1.Know and choose the basics

This roughly translates to choosing a clean shirt that has a collar. Polo shirts are universally acknowledged as a standard top for both genders in all golf courses.

2.Make sure to have a good eye on fitting.

Make sure that the top fits. Oversized golf shirts get in the way of swinging. Baggy golf shirts are also frowned upon as this makes the wearer look unprofessional. A too form-fitting shirt deviates from the conservative look and does not create room for movement.

3.Length is also an important thing to look out.

Men are expected to wear their shirts tucked in as this prevents the person from looking sloppy. A good check for the length is wearing a shirt tucked and raising the arms or swinging it side to side; if the golf shirt gets undone, then it is too short. For women, it would be best to choose the polo shirts with a tail, or shirts that are moderately longer at the back.

The tail end of the shirts ensures that the shirt stays tucked while playing. In addition, women are allowed to wear their golf shirts not tucked. If they opt to not tuck their clothes, they should search for a golf shirt that falls at or slightly lower over their hips.

4.Sleeves are also being noted nowadays.

A basic rule of thumb for men is that the sleeves should be three quarters to the elbow. Never wear a shirt, which has sleeves that go past to the elbow. The only sleeves allowed to go past are long-sleeved shirts that fit well. If the person is relatively trimmer, it would still be appropriate to go shorter than the recommended three quarters. Too short sleeves create an unprofessional look for the player.

For the women, it is acceptable to wear sleeveless, short-sleeved, three-quarter sleeved, or even long-sleeved tops.

5.Solid colors are always a safe choice.

It is hard to look professional when one looks like a walking rainbow. For golf players, the rule of thumb is to always match a brightly colored top with a neutral colored bottom. This also goes both way, with a bright bottom and a neutral top, though it is still better to make the top the brightly colored article of clothing.

6.Designs, colors, and patterns are not part of the dress code but are equally as important.

If one thinks that a solid colored top is too ordinary, he could opt to wear a patterned top.


The common patterns for tops are the stripes. These kinds of designs would be best paired with a plain bottom. A safe rule is to have only one patterned article of clothing. Matching a patterned top with a patterned bottom only creates a look of total disorganization.

This might not be true for the women. Women generally could wear any kind of design or print or pattern for their golf shirts, regardless of how loud and bold it would be. Just as long as the woman could make the look appear classy, then it is accepted in the golf course.

7.The little things matter.

Match the belt with the shirt, not the shoes. This minimizes the contrast in the midsection.


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Succeeding in Online Business Ventures through Effective 2016 SEO Strategies

Online businesses need SEO. This is a hard fact that investors and webmasters have to accept. This is probably one of the many reasons why SEO service providers have been flourishing in the industry. The demand for effective search engine optimization tactics has given rise to innovative ideas that were proven to be effective with regards to positive results. However, shady tactics were also created by those who want easy access to success. It is in here where search engines stepped in and went on to clean the online industry of e-commerce.

SEO Strategy

Business website owners could no longer rely on the shady SEO tactics that once worked a few years back. Success in online ventures could be attained but through legitimate means. With the latest Google update delivering the final blow to those who are using unethical SEO strategies, investors are now obliged to play fair and square.

For online business venture investors, knowing what to do at the earliest possible time is a very important thing. 2016 has started with a lot of speculations on what will work and which ones will be ineffective for those who are looking for SEO solutions connected to businesses aims. Experts are pointing out that there are present factors that could be used to conceptualize plans regarding business directions.

There are currently three important foundations of a strong online business SEO tactic. Social media, online links, and of course product/service content are included here. These foundations should interact with each other effectively in order to really ensure that an online business can endure the competition in its industry niche. Social media is mentioned here because more and more people are getting actively involved in it and it is seen as a rich source of traffic. Links work just like before but it should be used with great care. Content as found on a business website should conform to the updated implemented standards of search engines.

Those who have seen the power of content marketing in the past will definitely be glad that its use at present times is still a good SEO tactic. The only difference now is that content marketing has become more specific and mature. It means that those who share information about their products and services are more serious about giving potential clients accurate and relevant things to ponder about. This new form of content marketing allows better client turnover and conversion rates. Business website owners should therefore never fail to incorporate this SEO strategy into current plans.

Ranking well is still an important matter for a business website if an investor wishes to see more visitors and bigger ROI. Getting good ranks these days will be impossible if a business plan will not include the utilization of tactics designed to cater to the needs of people who connect to the net primarily through the use of mobile devices. If a business has a website that works well for PC and laptops, it should have version that will be “friendly” enough to be opened through mobile devices. By doing this SEO strategy, an online business owner is actually increasing its viewer and traffic sources.

Link building as a strategy for the SEO of an online business might have been very effective way back in 2010 and 2011. However, the same thing cannot be said about it now. In its place, experts are recommending that building the name of a brand is more effective. Google has been very vocal about this issue. The “Google Authorship” program works primarily by connecting content with a specific author. Whatever performance they said content may get from search engine results will be reflected on the rank that would be awarded by Google.
2016 definitely presents a lot of challenges for every online business venture owner. It is not impossible to succeed big time out there. However, focus on the use of new SEO tactics ought to be made the center of attention before anything else. Fortunately, guides and tips are easily accessible all over the web these days.

Finding the Best SEO Companies

There are numerous SEO companies on the web and it is up to the people to choose the one that best suits their needs. How does one know which is the best SEO company to choose? The most common thing one may do is to search for the “best SEO firms list” online. This method may be okay for most, but there are good SEO companies out there that one can choose from. Some of them are more affordable than those on the list, like the SEO Explode Inc., for instance.

What do SEO companies do for their clients? The best SEO companies can help you get better traffic for your websites. In order to do this, they undergo a lot of research and analysis. SEO work is no joke, which means that it requires a great attention to detail and problem-solving skills.

They research and identify the keywords that will allow you to get numerous visits to your websites. Good keywords are those that are related to your product and are used a lot by people in their searches. SEO companies are also careful not to get keywords with too much competition in them.

Seo CompanySEO companies also analyze the client’s website history to know about the status and issues that the client was not aware of. Usually, there may be bad links that get the site penalized and prevent it from getting a higher ranking in the search results. It is important to hire an SEO company, who knows if a cleanup is necessary for the client’s website. The analysis will also help in finding opportunities and trends that will be helpful to the client.

After the analysis, the company will have to audit the website’s design and usability. SEO factors such as the URL structure, links, meta tags, and content will be noted, corrected and optimized. The website may need to be redesigned. Bad links are also removed in order to build new ones that do not get penalized by Google.

An SEO company will also research about their competitor from time to time for them to know where they stand. To boost client visibility and ranking, they would monitor links and reach out to other page content and sites that are relevant to the client’s product.

SEO companies clearly care about their clients’ needs. It is important that the two have proper communication to resolve issues and accomplish goals. So people should choose a company with people whom they are comfortable to work with.

So how does one choose a company? The first thing to do is to know what the goal is. Make a list on the issues to solve or the functions or factors that are needed for your website. Having a list will make it easier for you and the company to work on your site’s SEO campaign.

If you have no idea what to do then, you can ask the company. Usually, a good SEO company will brief you on the basics of search engine optimization. This will hopefully solidify your goal list or enable you to come up with one.

Check on blogs and the recommended SEO company list from people online. Get advice from people you trust who know about the SEO process. Ask about which SEO consultant or company they recommend for you to hire. Make a list on your own after researching these companies.

Check on how long the company is working in the industry. A company that has worked for long years will certainly have an edge over other companies. They have the time to build up their reputation and hone their SEO skills and techniques.

Check on other people’s testimonials on the company. You may also ask them how it felt working with the said company. This will let you know how the company deals with their clients.

You can also check the company portfolio to learn about their successful projects. This will build the company’s credibility and will allow you to see how they work. It is important to know whether you can trust the company to deliver what you need for your website.

Email the company and be sure that you are comfortable talking with them. As you will be working closely with the SEO company’s team, it is crucial to establish a rapport with them. Ask them about certain problems on your website. A good company will recommend and show you strategies on how to solve your problem. They will be eager to hear about your issues and come up with a plan on how to fix it.

Be open and discuss your goals and your budget. Do not be afraid to talk and ask. Be sure that you and the company are at the same page. Ask on how they operate and the services that they are offering. An SEO company can possibly create a site for you if you needed an SEO and user friendly site for your business.

If you feel that you can work well with a certain company, you should make a contract. Make sure that you review it before signing. Trust your chosen firm and start working on your website. Having a good SEO company to have your back will surely give you great results for your site.

SEO Explode Inc. is one of the best SEO companies out there.

Also, they have excellent customer support and will give free consultations for clients. They do not only provide SEO and internet marketing services. They can also create a website for your business. They can manage your site reputation, keep audits, and do website optimization.

Finding Places To Get Your Link Published Is Not As Difficult As You May Think

Right now there are millions of marketers trying to figure out how to place their links in relevant areas. In the past, this wasn’t such a big deal. In fact, if you were to get in a time machine and look at how other sites were marketed a few years ago, you would notice that a grand majority of them would work within the world of internet marketing that wasn’t that grand at all. In fact, it was something that was relatively easy to pull off and emulate. So many people were going the easy route that search engines decided to change their algorithm. This was especially true in regards to links. There was a point in time where you could purchase as many links as you wanted in any niche that you could think about and see a huge push forward in terms of market share. You could spend as little as $5 and get 1,000 links through blog commenting, and even forum posts. This has started to stop in many circles, even though you could still buy a lot of links from people online. Is it worthwhile? Not at all. If you’re going to cheat the system, you’re going to lose today, and that’s not a good thing for your company’s site or personal brand. If you want to gain leverage and see a huge push forward within the ranks of marketing, you’re going to want to find places to publish your links that aren’t going to cause you any sort of detriment.

SEO Link

Finding The Right Locations

What makes a location better than another in terms of link properties? Well, you want to make sure that the domain name is going to give you some credibility and authority. If you do not at least look at that, you’re going to end up losing market share overall. You have to look at the domain, page rank, and whether or not it’s going to stick. Some people are putting links in certain arenas that aren’t necessarily that good overall, and it’s something that is definitely difficult to manage overall. You want to get a list of sites that you can trust and see whether or not you can actually post a link there. You may have to ask the owner of a website for a link and that may cost you, which is something that is well worth investing into. As far as finding the places, you could go with search engines, or you could look into SEO forums that are going to show you how to get this done and move forward within the right arenas.

The Wrong Locations

Before you start finding anything, make sure that you don’t go with the wrong arenas. For instance, you don’t want to spam your links within forums, and you don’t want to put your stamp in arenas that are going to cause you to lose leverage. For instance, you could find yourself posting in blogs that have “do follow” plugins, and that’s ok, but when you start to drop comments at rapid rate and search engines start to detect that you’re publishing a lot of frivolous commentary on areas of the internet that are obviously not meant to house marketing at all, you’re going to lose out on the greater good overall. It’s not a good location to invest into, and definitely not something that is going to help you over time. Focus on finding areas that are tried and true, and will get you a bit of help.

SEO Link Genration

Wiki Pages

One of the hidden gems online is the wiki pages that are popping up. These are high density areas with information that can be related to what you’re publishing. You’ll want to get linked here as a major reference to the subject matter that you’re working on and ensure that you’re able to gain a link in the pages. If you are able to gain a link here, you will end up with a positive push forward, and something that will be able to give you a lot more organic traffic within the span of a few days. The key is to find page ranked pages with high traffic and then create blog postings that dive into the topic at length. If you become a good resource for information, you can add your own link without any consequences and you’ll gain a lot of traffic as a result. This is a tricky issue because you could get locked out of editing, if you’re not careful.

The aforementioned are just a few ideas that you can take with you in regards to SEO and link placement. Link generation should be a slow moving process and should not be rushed at all. It’s easy to rush through these things and end up losing marketability, which is never a good idea. Take your time, find locations that will help you gain market share, and focus on the greater good that comes from a slow involvement with optimization cycles. It’s something that is going to make or break your future in terms of traffic and more. Take your time, build your portfolio of links slowly and see the outcome through in a positive manner.