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Choosing the Right Fit: A Guide to Buying Golf Shirts

Men and women alike enjoy taking a break and swinging the occasional club. Golf has always been considered as a de-stressing leisure sport, though at current times, it also acts as a business transaction front. It is because of this that more and more players are concerning themselves with their appearance during the game.

Here are a few tips and tricks in looking and eventually purchasing the best golf shirt:


1.Know and choose the basics

This roughly translates to choosing a clean shirt that has a collar. Polo shirts are universally acknowledged as a standard top for both genders in all golf courses.

2.Make sure to have a good eye on fitting.

Make sure that the top fits. Oversized golf shirts get in the way of swinging. Baggy golf shirts are also frowned upon as this makes the wearer look unprofessional. A too form-fitting shirt deviates from the conservative look and does not create room for movement.

3.Length is also an important thing to look out.

Men are expected to wear their shirts tucked in as this prevents the person from looking sloppy. A good check for the length is wearing a shirt tucked and raising the arms or swinging it side to side; if the golf shirt gets undone, then it is too short. For women, it would be best to choose the polo shirts with a tail, or shirts that are moderately longer at the back.

The tail end of the shirts ensures that the shirt stays tucked while playing. In addition, women are allowed to wear their golf shirts not tucked. If they opt to not tuck their clothes, they should search for a golf shirt that falls at or slightly lower over their hips.

4.Sleeves are also being noted nowadays.

A basic rule of thumb for men is that the sleeves should be three quarters to the elbow. Never wear a shirt, which has sleeves that go past to the elbow. The only sleeves allowed to go past are long-sleeved shirts that fit well. If the person is relatively trimmer, it would still be appropriate to go shorter than the recommended three quarters. Too short sleeves create an unprofessional look for the player.

For the women, it is acceptable to wear sleeveless, short-sleeved, three-quarter sleeved, or even long-sleeved tops.

5.Solid colors are always a safe choice.

It is hard to look professional when one looks like a walking rainbow. For golf players, the rule of thumb is to always match a brightly colored top with a neutral colored bottom. This also goes both way, with a bright bottom and a neutral top, though it is still better to make the top the brightly colored article of clothing.

6.Designs, colors, and patterns are not part of the dress code but are equally as important.

If one thinks that a solid colored top is too ordinary, he could opt to wear a patterned top.


The common patterns for tops are the stripes. These kinds of designs would be best paired with a plain bottom. A safe rule is to have only one patterned article of clothing. Matching a patterned top with a patterned bottom only creates a look of total disorganization.

This might not be true for the women. Women generally could wear any kind of design or print or pattern for their golf shirts, regardless of how loud and bold it would be. Just as long as the woman could make the look appear classy, then it is accepted in the golf course.

7.The little things matter.

Match the belt with the shirt, not the shoes. This minimizes the contrast in the midsection.


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